About Gallery 401

Celebrating the Art of Creation
Our Story

It Began With Haiti

…and the desire to set aside a place for witnesses of stories shared on TheMyStoryProject.com to meet the storytellers.

In Sept. 2017, a professional photographer and videographer was commissioned to accompany a missions trip to Haiti. The stories of the Haitian people captured in the amazing images shot by Tyler Darden deserved to be publically shared in a new way. Gallery 401 was built to showcase the lives of those encountered on the trip. The gallery next featured 18 stories of transformation from my story submissions to TheMyStoryProject.com.

By The Numbers

The Start of Something Great

A fine art gallery in a church?! Yup! Why not?!

God expressed himself through the artistry of Creation.



Works of Art



What Guides Us

Fine Art

No surprise here. Along with an academy of theatrical and musical fine arts on-site, we love to develop and showcase excellence of creative talent.


Storytelling is the oldest form of communication and remains to this day the most powerful. We all have a story to be impacted by the story we witness in art.


Though art may be the expression of one’s feelings, interests, and thoughts, we believe it best communicates when shared with others.


We have all been gifted and called to create…to leave a mark on the world. We desire to call attention to creations that might otherwise go unnoticed.


Storytelling through art can be not only transformational to the artist but also to the witness. We hope that all observers will be inspired to growth in their lives.


The master creator. God set all things in motion when He spoke Creation into existence. He then blessed mankind with creative ability and implored us to grow.
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9:30am – 4:30pm
excluding major holidays
10:00am – 4:00pm
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